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K + B

We started out as two virtual friends on Instagram following each other. A “Like” here and a “like” there, but no official communication. At the time, Bobby lived in Houston, TX and Kali in Washington, DC. Bobby ultimately made the first move by commenting “You should post more” under a handsome selfie Kali posted. During these pre-historic times, DM’s didn’t exist yet, so the comment was a “post-and-delete”.  Next, we became Facebook friends so that we could chat in private, followed by the phone number exchange. We officially met in person on December 2013. Immediately afterward in 2014, Kali moved in with Bobby in Houston, and the rest is pretty much history.


We both had a passion to explore the world. Here are a few of our favorite memories.


During the early stages of the relationship, Bobby and Kali would frequent DC for weekend trips and social engagements. After a while, it only seemed right to relocate from Houston to DC. In March of 2016, Kali and Bobby officially made the move and have been there since.


The proposal was a 007 Themed shoot which was shot in Miami and Biscayne bay. It was meant to capture the thrill and excitement of our journey.

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